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Laidback Luke (Luke Van Scheppingen) is the newest member of Da Mongoloids and the first Dutch member. He's been making music for a long time now. When he got his first record deal he was only 18 years old. He got signed after sending a demo tape to Dobre (of Jark Prongo, Good Men and Chocolate Puma). His early productions were mostly raw techno tracks, but also some more deep sounding tracks. A break through came with his remix of Green Velvet's track 'The Stalker' and his own track 'Act The Fool'. Around that period he did a large number of remixes for many different artists. Also a remix for Junior Sanchez' club classic 'B With U'. After being postponed for a few months (he started working on it in 2000) his latest album 'Electronic Satisfaction' was finally released in the summer of 2002. It's less techno orientated than his early work and brought him to the attention of a larger Dutch crowd as well, with the tracks 'Rocking With The Best' and 'Popmusic'. Last year he remixed the track 'Crescendolls' for fellow Mongoloids Daft Punk Luke joined Da Mongoloids after chilling with them in Miami during the 2002 Winter Music Conference. He had already met Junior Sanchez and Armand Van Helden in New York in 2000. He said about Da Mongoloids in an interview with a Dutch magazine: 'I felt like a Mongoloid from day one. It's a whacky dance floor feeling. At the moment that you're taking everything too seriously, there's always a surprising element. There were a few people in Holland who called themselves a Mongoloid and therefore were playing by certain rules. But that's the opposite of what is intented. It's not about being a Mongoloid or not, it's the thought behind it'.




Clocker (12", Groove Alert)
A1 Clocker
B1 Latin Be
B2 Paid My Dues

Laidback Luke Presents: Loud Flava! vol. 1 (12", 1995, Groove Alert)
A1 Bootietwista
A2 Tattadum
B1 Biscuits
B2 Sweet Sensation

Laidback Luke Presents: Loud Flava! vol. 2 (12", 1995, Groove Alert)
A1 Enjoy
A2 Save Da Flava
B1 Hey You
B2 Not Impressed

Act The Fool (12", 1995, Touché)
A1 Act The Fool
B1 Act The Fool (Dobre and Jamez Remix)
B2 Aha

Laidback Tracks - You Low (12", 1996, MT Air Way)
A1 That Kinda Party
A2 This Kinda Party
B1 You Low

Laidback Luke Presents: Loud Flava! vol. 3 (12", 1996, Groove Alert)
A1 Midnight Woman Blues
A2 I Need It
B1 Tha Concrete Jungle
B2 My Baby

SLK EP (12", 1996, Groove Alert)
A1 Daydream Funk
A2 Mind (Edit)
B1 Feels Good
B2 Eighties

Concrete On Vinyl (12", 1996, Touché)
A1 Concrete On Vinyl
A2 (Laid)Back
B1 The Engine
B2 Short Story

Laidback Tracks - Beam Me Up (12", 1996, Touché)
A1 Beam Me Up!
B1 Club Sensa
B2 Sing A Tune / Play The Song

Laidback Luke Presents: Loud Flava! vol. 4 (12", 1997, Groove Alert)
A1 Are You Ready
A2 Meltdown
B1 Out Of Dub
B2 This Groove

Phantazee (12", 1997, Subspace)
A1 Phantazee
B1 This Reality

The Fat Cat EP (12", 1997, Subspace)
A1 Move Me
A2 Fire-Works
B1 Grow
B2 The Gateway

Public Domain (12", 1997, Subspace)
A1 Public Domain
B1 We All Agree
B2 Public Domain (Jeroen & Michels Search Mix)

Laidback Luke Returns Presenting: The 156 EP (12", 1998, Groove Alert)
A1 Got To Be Free
A2 Hit Em With The Ha
B1 Coffee Not Sen
B2 We Like The Music

The Audio Alert EP (12", 1998, Rotation)
A1 Waiting For The Sun
B1 Mirage
B2 Spraypaint Audio

Music's Always On My Mind (12", 1998, Touché/Subspace)
A1 Original Mix
A2 Dobre's Factor Remix
B1 Ian Pooley's Mindless Mix
B2 Scratch Obsession Remix

Double 0/M-See (12", 1998, Missile Records)
A1 Double 0
B1 M-See

Psyched Up, The Early Works '96 - '98 (2x 12", 1999, Touché)
A1 Welcome To My World
A2 Music's Always On My Mind
A3 En Route
A4 Interluke 1
B1 Mind Over Matter
B2 Make Some Noise
B3 Club Climax
B4 Out Of The Dub
C1 Bring The Noise
C2 Interluke 2
C3 Times Have Changed
C4 Act The Fool (Dub Mix '98)
D1 Interluke 3
D2 Pro Tem
D3 Such A Dreamer

Psyched Up, The Early Works '96 - '98 (CD, 1999, Smile)
1. Such A Dreamer
2. Out Of The Dub
3. En Route
4. Interluke 2
5. Times Have Changed
6. Pro Tem
7. Interluke 1
8. Bring The Noise
9. Make Some Noise
10. Club Climax
11. Act The Fool

Such A Dreamer (12", 1999, Smile)
A1 Such A Dreamer
B1 En Route

Rocking With The Best (12", 2001, Groove Alert)
A1 Rocking With The Best

Rocking With The Best (12", 2001, Labels/Virgin)
A1 Rocking With The Best
A2 Rocking With The Best (Fafa Monteco Mix)
B1 Rocking With The Best (Jark Prongo Mix)
B2 Terminator

Space Funk (12", 2001, Labels/Virgin)
A1 Space Funk
B1 Allstar Atlantic

Electronic Satisfaction (CD/2x 12", 2002, Labels)
1. E.S. (ft. Natas)
2. Give Me A Reason (ft. Kirk)
3. Let Me Live
4. Popmusic (ft. Jay Underground)
5. Sinderella
6. Spacefunk
7. Cats 'N Jammer Kidz (ft. Markell)
8. Rocking With The Best (ft. Good Grip)
9. Mongo Magic
10. Secured
11. Getting Down Getting Deep (ft. Markell)
12. Generation (ft. J. Perkin)
bonus track: Music's Always On My Mind

Popmusic (12", 2002, United)
A1 Popmusic (The Jayless Master Dub)
B1 Popmusic (Chocolate Puma Remix)

DUBBING DOUBLE (H.P. Vince & Laidback Luke)

Don't Ever Stop (12", 1996, Groove Alert)
A1 Don't Ever Stop
A2 X5 (H.P. Vince Mix)
B1 Abstract
B2 X5 (Laidback Luke Mix)

The Drill/Emergency (12", 1997, Subspace)
A1 untitled
A2 untitled
B1 untitled

Keep It Going/Can't Resist It (12", 1998, Alien Records)
A1 Keep It Going (Laidback Luke Remix)
A2 Keep It Going (Original Mix)
B1 Can't Resist It (HP Vince Remix)
B2 Can't Resist It (Original Mix)


Messed Up/ Tha Machine (12", 1996, Rough Cut)
A1 Messed Up
A2 Tha Machine
B1 Bitch Jump Up
B2 In Full Effect

Chase/Freeze (12", 1997, Rough Cut)
A1 Chase
A2 Freeze
B1 Pure
B2 Rumble


Take Yourself Away (12", 1996, Green Sleeves)
A1 Take Yourself Away
A2 Say Yeah
B1 Lukin' For Luv
B2 Great Fun

SOUND TRAVELLERS (Laidback Luke & DJ Roy)

No Bad Feelings (12", 1997, Groove Alert)
A1 No Bad Feelings
A2 Jazz 'till Dawn
B1 Journey
B2 Just Do It

TRONIC MEN (Laidback Luke & Derric)

Voxtronix (12", 1997, Subspace)
A1 Syntronix
A2 Funktronix
B1 Voxtronix
B2 Drumtronix

Roots/Tweaking And Freaking (12", 1999, Subspace)
A1 Roots
A2 Tweaking And Freaking
B1 Session Funk
B2 Session Jazz

ISO STARR (Laidback Luke ft. DJ Argonic & Jerome)

Liquid (12", 1999, Subspace)
A1 Liquid
B1 Loop Magic
B2 Route Hard


Salvation EP (12", 2000, Groove Alert)
A1 untitled
A2 untitled
B1 untitled
B2 untitled

RIOT SOCIETY (Laidback Luke, Junior Sanchez & Chris Haliani)

Understand Me (12", 2002, Cube Recordings)
A1 Main Mix
B1 Output Remix




Green Velvet - The Stalker (Laidback Luke Remix) <1996, Music Man>
H20 ft. Billie - Nobody's Business (Laidback Luke Remix) <1996, Vintage>
Heavy Weather - Love Can't Turn Around (Laidback Luke Remix) <1996, MT Air>
Mel' O Ween - The King (Laidback Luke Remix) <1996, ?>
Moodymann - Don't Be Misled (Laidback Luke Remix) <1996, After Midnight>
T-Ragga - Lo Lo (Laidback Luke Remix) <1996, Vintage>
Underground Baseheads - Bit Of Love (Laidback Luke Remix) <1996, Groove Alert>
4th Measure Men - The Need (Laidback Luke Remix <1997, Groove Alert>
Damon Wild & Tim Taylor - Bang The Acid (Laidback Luke Remix) <1997, Missile Records>
Denki Groove - Asunaro Sunshine (Laidback Luke Remix) <1997, Sony/Ki/oon>
F-Action - Thanks To You (Laidback Luke Dub) <1997, Push & Pull>
Green Velvet - Land Of The Lost (Laidback Luke Mix) <1997, Music Man>
Hole In One - Ride The Moon (Laidback Luke Mix) <1997, Nutrition>
Lambda ft. Martha Wash - Hold On Tight (Laidback Luke Remix) <1997, Multiply/Red>
Lexicon - Don't Give The Love (Laidback Luke's 156 Remix) <1997, Plastic City>
Logique - Vuture Shoque (Laidback Luke Mix) <1997, Casseopaya/Subspace>
Stone Factory - New Sunset (Laidback Luke Remix) <1997, Crescendo>
Tata Box Inhibitors - Ribosomal (Laidback Luke's Hard Tribe Mix) <1997, Touché>
Tata Box Inhibitors - Ribosomal (Laidback Luke's Hard Tribe Re-Edit) <1997, Touché>
The Pussycuts - I Know What I Like (Laidback Luke Remix) <1997, Tag>
Victor Calderone - Give It Up (Laidback Luke Remix <1997, Cyber>
Da Goose - Materialistik (Stormtroopa Mix by Laidback Luke) <1998, A1 Records>
DJ Argonic - Adobes (Laidback Luke Remix) <1998, Future Frontier>
DJ Hyperactive - Wide Open (Laidback Luke Remix) <1998, EC Records>
Jamie Anderson - Secret Weapon (Laidback Luke Remix) <1998, Artform>
Lisa Hall - I Know I Can Do It (Laidback Luke Remix) <1998, F111>
Patrick Lindsey - Sax Attack (Laidback Luke Remix) <1998, Groove Alert>
Rene Et Gaston - Stemra (Laidback Luke Remix) <1998, Pssst Music>
Tribes Of Krom - Blue Outlines (Laidback Luke Mix) <1998, Urban Sound Of Amsterdam>
Big Ron - Let The Freak (Laidback Luke Remix) <1999, Manifesto>
Co-Fusion - Zit'r Bug (Laidback Luke's Iso-Stardom Mix) <1999, Reel Musiq>
Colorful Karma ft. Terra Deva - For The Music (Laidback Luke's Groove Alert Mix) <1999, 3345 Recordings>
L.S.G. - Quick Star (Laidback Luke's Housetechmania Remix) <1999, Superstition>
Lambda - Hold On Tight 2000 (Laidback Luke Remix) <1999, La Maison Grande>
Loona - Composition With Wood III (Laidback Luke Mix) <1999, Highland Beats>
The Pump Pannel - Tunnel Vision (Laidback Luke Remix <1999, Missile>
Junior Sanchez ft. Dajea - Be With U (Laidback Luke Remix) <2000, United>
L.S.G. - Quick Star (Laidback Luke's Housetechmania Remix) <2000, Hooj Choons>
Red Venom - Follow Me (Laidback Luke Remix) <2000, Big Boss Stylus>
Rene Et Gaston - Soiree Dansante (Laidback Luke Remix) <2000,Pssst>
Superfunk - Last Dance (And I Come Over) (Laidback Luke Remix) <2000, Fiat Lux>
Jark Prongo - Rocket Base (Laidback Luke Edit) <2001, Low Spirit>
Jark Prongo - Rocket Base (Laidback Luke Remix) <2001, Low Spirit>
Daft Punk - Crescendolls (Laidback Luke Remix) <2002, Daft Club >
Floris - One More Day (Flirt Remix) <2002, United>
Villanord - Futurescope (Laidback Luke's "Rockanthem" Remix) <2002, Nightfever>




Laidback Luke - Club Climax on Touché Preview(12", 1996, Touché)
Laidback Luke - Sub-Concious on Roxy 10 Years (12", 1997, Kubin)
Boom! vs. Bonemachine - Hardwave on A Compilation Of Rough Cuts vol. 1 (12", 1997, Rough Cut)