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Carlos Sosa, aka DJ SNEAK is from Chicago. He started producing house music in 1992, with the creation of his first record label DEFIANT. He was very influenced by Farley Jackmaster Funk, Ralphi Rosario, Steve Hurley, etc. His first release was Sneaky Traxx. It sounds different from other house music productions. Sneak developped his own style, a fat beat with a repetitive but hypnotic sample. During the same time he improved his DJing skill and mix in some local clubs. While he worked at a local store called "Gramophone records", in 1994, Sneak met Cajmere (Cajual, Relief). Cajmere released some of Sneak's best tracks and helped him to get an international recognition, then he started mixing all over the world. In the same year, Sneak's revolutionized House Music with his new sound and his use of filters. This mix between repetitive rhythms and filtered melody was never heard before. This style has influenced many of actual producers. One of the famous DJ Sneak's tracks is certainly "You Can't Hide From Your Bud" on Classic Music Company, that samples Teddy Pendergrass' "You Can't Hide From Yourself" track. This Disco Filtered piece of music is now a classic track that everybody has heard one time at least. With this track, Sneak proved that Chicago is definately the center of House Music. In 2001, Sneak launched a new record label : MAGNETIC RECORDINGS. This label is oriented to tribal house tracks and filtered disco house, it's simply the best Sneak's Style. In 2002, he launched another new record label : OOMPH dedicated to the dance floor. The first release under the name of GROOVE SOURCE is very groovy, funky and ... fresh. In the same year Sneak produced another famous track with his friend Bear Who? that will be played all over the world by a lot of Djs and broadcasted massively on the electronic music radios, this track is "Fix My Sink". Today, Sneak keeps producing good house music as in his beginnings on MAGNETIC RECORDINGS and he's not ready to stop. A chance for us.




Sneaky Traxx (12", 1993, Defiant)
A. Work It
B. Muted Jazz

Beetz N Noizes (12", 1993, Defiant)
A1. Fear the world
A2. Bitch betta Have
B1. Groove Patrol
B2. Do It

Funkadelic Relic (12", 1994, Cajual)
A1. Funky Enuff
A2. Go Tracks
B1. Groovadelic
B2. Groovadelikrelic

Blue Funk EP (12", 1994, Relief)
A1. The Lights (Part 1)
A2. The Lights (Part 2)
B1. Amiz
B2. Flip It

Moon doogy EP (12", 1994, Cajual)
A1. Message Of Love
A2. Was It All
B1. Disco Erotica
B2. Percolate This Track

Recycled Loops (12", 1995, AV8)
A1. Tribal Sex
A2. All Around the world
B1. Til Dawn Do Us Part
B2. Funk Unit

Jack Da Ripper (12", 1995, Circuit)
A1. Beautification Of House
A2. Jack's Back
B1. Da Jacker
B2. Funkin' With Da Drums

Sneaky Traxx II (12", 1995, Defiant)
A1. Tricky Sneaky
A2. Bangin It
B1. Land Of Freeze
B2. Tribal Rhyme

Da Pimpdoogy (12", 1995, DownTown)
A1. All Over My FAce
A2. Because your love ain't true
B1. Che-Chez Fame
B2. Che-Chez Track Time

Platforms EP (12", 1995, 83 West)
A1. Love
A2. All Jazzed Out
B1. Disco Delights
B2. Nite at the disco

Platforms EP II (12", 1995, 83 West)
A1. wanna Sing
A2. Cruize Control
B1. Tribal Wounds
B2. Forver Disko

On the Sneak Tip EP (12", 1995, Radikal Fear)
A1. Opération Sneak
A2. Shockwave
B1. Turbulance
B2. Freakin' Out

The Polyester EP (12", 1995, Henry Street)
A1. Show me the way
A2. Expand Your Horizons
B1. Get Up Stand Up
B2. Who is the boss

Outrageous EP (12", 1995, Jinxx)
A1. Gossando
A2. The Trip
B1. Brothers Gonna Work
B2. DeepHoussing

Blue Funk EP II (12", 1995, Relief)
A1. Runaway Train
A2. Purple Haze
B1. Jumpin' Jacks
B2. Last Stop-all Aboard

Sneak Essentials Vol.I (12", 1995, Strictly Rhythm)
A1. In Da Clouds (Original Dub)
B1. In Da Clouds (Da NEw & Improved Mix)
B2. In Da Clouds (Da Track Mix)

Sneak Essentials Vol.II (12", 1995, Strictly Rhythm)
A1. What Am I (club Mix)
A2. What Am I (Dub Mix)
B1. Manos Que Tocan (Deep Mix)
B2. Manos Que Tocan (Deep Dub)

Blue Funk EP III (12", 1995, Relief)
A1. Stupid Dog
A2. Your Mind Your Body
B1. Tweekin'
B2. Brain Freeze

Circuitry Control (12", 1995, Circuit)
A1. Work Yo Ass
A2. My Name is the Lord
B1. Do What You Like
B2. Do What You Like Dub

Different Shapes & Sizes (12", 1996, Feverpitch)
A. In da Clouds (A.Thompson Headin da cloud mix)
B. In Da Clouds (Da Original Dub)

Rice and Bean Please (2 x 12", 1996, Cajual)
A1. Orgasms
A2. Low Ridin'
B1. Play It
B2. High
C1. Sounds from the pipe
C2. Make me move
D1. Feelin' Freaky
D2. Freak Me Feel Me

The Polyester EP II (12", 1996, Henry Street)
A1. Summer Day
A2. Return To The Funk
B1. Reachin'
B2. Come Together
B3. Fell Good

Blue Belly Bandit EP (12", 1996, Large)
A1. Sneaky Finger Man
A2. Can You
B1. Latin Seoul
B2. Fierce

Hard Steppin Disko Selection (With Armand van Helden) (12", 1996, Relief)
A1. Psychic Bounty Killaz
B1. Futuristic Cipher
B2. Junglist Steelos

Sneak Essential Vol.III (12", 1996, Strictly Rhythm)
A1. Disco Breaks
B1. Feel Da Musik (Da Musik Mix)
B2. Feel Da Musik (Bassline Mix)

Keep on Groovin' (12", 1996, Strictly Rhythm)
A1. Keep On Groovin' (Pitch Disco Mix)
B1. Keep On Groovin' (Fat Bottom Mix)

Dj Sneak EP (2 x 12", 1996, Strictly Rhythm)
A1. Dancin
B1. Throw Your Hands
B2. Drums Are Us
C1. Mind Destruction
C2. Compute
D1. The Music is in Me

Dj Sneak EP (CD, 1997, Motor Music)
1. Keep On Groovin' (Ian Pooley's Fierce Radio Edit)
2. Throw Your Hands
3. Disco Breaks
4. The Music is in Me
5. Mind Destruction
6. Drums Are Us
7. Feel Da Music (Feel Da Music Mix)
8. Dancin' (Edit)
9. Keep On Groovin' (Pitch Disco Mix)

Keep On Groovin' (CD, 1997, Motor Music)
1. Keep On Grooving (Ian Pooley's Fierce Radio Edit)
2. Keep On Grooving (Pitch Disco Mix)
3. Keep On Grooving (Fat Bottom Mix)
4. Keep On Groovin' (Ian Pooley's Fierce Mix)

U can't Hide From Your Bud (12", 1997, Classic)
A. (Original)
B. (D's Radical Rednail Reconstruction)

Special K (12", 1997, Defiant)
A1. (Original Mix)
A2. (Unabomber K-Hole Mix)
B1. (TKC Wildstyle Mix)
B2. (Mongoloïd K-Beat Mix)

The Sugar Daddy EP (12", 1997, 83 West)
A1. Some More (Long Track)
B1. Quincy Groove
B2. Disturbing Rhythms

The Polyester EP III (12", 1997, Henry Street)
A1. My Thing
A2. My Dub
B1. Sneaks a Freak
B2. Dammage

My Brother Keeper (12", 1997, Plumb Music)
A1. Feel Your Body Talking
A2. Make Up your Mind
B1. The Rhythm
B2. I Feel Groove

Psychic Bounty Killaz (With Armand Van Helden) (12", 1997, ZYX)
A1. Acrid Abeyance
B1. Futuristic Cipher
B2. Junglist Steelos

Message Of Love 98 (12", 1998, Defiant)
A1. (A Fresh New Message)
B1. (Sneaky Industry Dub)
B2. (Original (The OG Mix))

Mad Bomber EP (With Special Agent) (12", 1998, Unabomber)
A1. Da Slut
B1. Music 4 Da Crazies
B2. Can't Stand It

Dancin Therapy EP (12", 2000, Classic)
A1. Dacin Therapy (Sneaks Naughty Mix)
A2. Dacin Therapy (Da Naughty Dub)
B1. U Betta Know

The Rhythm Slave EP (12", 2000, Classic)
A. Slave to the Rhythm (A Sneaky Slave Mix)
B. Slave to the Rhythm (Sneak's Rhythm Dub)

Smokey Hill Street (12", 2000, Magnetic)
A1. Smokey Hill Street (Smokey Mix)
A2. Smokey Hill Street (Street Beats)
B1. Wickedly Sounds

Magnetic Illusions (2 x 12", 2001, Magnetic)
A1. Orchestrated Groove
A2. Same Ol Song
B1. U can't Hide from your Dub
B2. The Beats
C1. Chunk O Funk
C2. Crashin Down
D1. Sneakbotnik
D2. Pressure Point

Far Off (12", 2001, Magnetic)
A1. Far Off (Main Mix)
A2. Far Off (Instru)
B1. Big Juicy (Sneak Main Mix)
B2. Big Juicy (Bug Juicy Beats)

I Dropped My Glowstick (12", 2002, Magnetic)
A1. (Sneaks Glowing Mix)
B1. (Hodges Sticky Dub)
B2. (Bonus Beat)

Fix My Sink Part 1 (12", 2003, Magnetic)
A1 Fix My Sink (Basement Jaxx Work That Sink Dub)
A2 Fix My Sink (Sneak's Bad-a-Bing Mix)
B1 Fix My Sink (Jizznackazz Fixed Dub)
B2 Fix My Sink (Original Club Mix)

Fix My Sink Part 2 (12", 2003, Magnetic)
A1 Fix My Sink (D's Bhq Rub)
B1 Fix My Sink (Freaks Live Jam)
B2 Fix My Sink (Basement Jaxx Dark Vocal Mix)

Pound For Pound (2 x 12", 2003, Magnetic)
A1 Basic Jam
B1 Dancin Gruv
C1 Electric Water
D1 Break It Down

Pound For Pound Round 2 (2 x 12", 2003, Magnetic)




Blue Funk Files (2 x 12", 1996, Relief)
A1. Computer Gamez
A2. The Grinder
B1. Sneak Attack
B2. Grace Of Tracks
C1. Soundz in my head
C2. for The Love Of House
D1. Jugglin Thoughts
D2. Whos Knocking

Blue Funk Files (CD, 1996, Ultra Records)
1. Computer Gamez
2. The Grinder
3. Sneak Attack
4. Grace Of Tracks
5. Soundz in my head
6. for The Love Of House
7. Jugglin Thoughts
8. Whos Knocking
9. Psychic Bounty Killaz
10. Futuristic Cipher
11. Junglist Steelos




- 33.3 Queen : Searching (Ykaens Remix) (1993, Tu Chick)
- Reality : Wanna Get Busy (Reggae Mix) (1994, Strictly Rhythm)
- Subsonic : Good Times (Dj Sneak Mix) (1995, Force Inc)
- Deanna Spring : Get Up - Stand Up (Sneak Mix) (1995, TT)
- Ian Pooley : Celtic Cross (Hardbangin' Mix) (1995, Force Inc)
- Houz Neegroz : How do u luv a black woman (Sneak Attack Mix) (1995, Tu Chicks)
- Houz Neegroz : How do u luv a black woman (Sneaky Neegro Mix) (1995, Tu Chicks)
- Auto Repeat : Needle Damage (Dj Sneak Remix) (1995, SSR Rec.)

- Josh wink : You are the one (Dj Sneak Mix) (1996, Acalwan)
- Cool Jack : Jus Come (Ju's came on da flipside) (1996, AM:PM)
- Cool Jack : Jus Come (Ju's came on da dub) (1996, AM:PM)
- Dave Clarke : Southside (Dj Sneak Remix) (1996, Deconstruction)
- Todd Edwards : Saved My Life (Dj Sneak Flashback Mix
) (1996, FFRR)
- Summer Daze : Samba Magic (Sneak's Magical Mix) (1996, Vc Rec.)
- Backstreet Boys : Quit Playing Games (Dj Sneak Hardstepping Dub) (Jive)
- Green Velvet : Flash (Dj Sneak remix) (1996, Open)
- Heller N Farley : Ultra Flava (Sneak's Retro Falva) (1996, AM:PM)
- Heller N Farley : Ultra Flava (Sneak's Rub a Dub) (1996, AM:PM)
- Killerloop : Keep On (Dj Sneak Remix) (1996, End Recording)
- Cevin Fisher : Check This Out (Sneak Remix) (1996, Maxi)
- 2 Bad Mice : Bombscare (Dj Sneak's Bomb Mix) (1996, Moshed)
- Spensane : Soul Power 96 (Sneak's Powerfull Preacher Mix) (1996, Realise)

- Reel 2 Real
: Jazz it Up (Dj Sneak Remix) (1996, Strictly Rhythm)
- Hondy : Hondy (No Access) (Dj Sneak Remix) (1997, Manifesto)
- S-Men : Back (Sneak's Backward Mix) (1997, Narcotic)
- S-Men : Back (Sneak's Phuture Dub) (1997, Narcotic)
- Wildchild
: Badboy (Sneak Just right remix) (1997, Dark Black Music)
- Wildchild : Badboy (Sneak Ragga Dub) (1997, Dark Black Music)
- Armand Van Helden : Ultrafunkuka (Sneak's Mongolian Beats Mix) (1997, FFrr)
- The Republic : Let's do it (Sneak Mix) (1997, Narcotic)
- Sash : Ecuador (Dj Sneak Remix) (1997, Ultra Records)

- Daft Punk : Burnin' (Dj Sneak Mongowarrior Mix) (1997, Virgin) - 1997
- Daft Punk : Burnin' (Dj Sneak Main Mix) (1997, Virgin) - 1997
- Sneaker Pimps : Post Modern (Sneak a Pimp Mix) (1997, Clean Up)
- Sneaker Pimps : Six Underground (Sneak's "Kicker" Mix) (1997, Clean Up)
- Sade : Haunt Me (Dj Sneak Remix) (1998, Get)

- Le Knight Club : Intergalactik Disko (Dj Sneak Version) (1998, Crydamoure)
- Killerloop : Broken (Dj sneak Mix) (1998, End Recordings)
- Stardust : Music sounds better with U (32 on red mix) (1998, Roulé)
- Stardust : Music sounds better with U (32 on red Dub mix) (1998, Roulé)
- Dajae : Day By Day (Dj Sneak Mix 1) (1998, Cajual)
- Dajae : Day By Day (Dj Sneak Mix 2) (1998, Cajual)
- Da Mob & Jocelyn Brown : Fun (Sneak's Big Fun Mix) (1998, Subliminal)
- Glasgow Gangster : The Curse (Sneak remix) (1998, Quality Control)
- King Britt present Sylk 130 : The Reason (Dj sneak) (1999, Ovum)
- Giorgio Moroder : The Chase (Dj Sneak Beatchase Mix) (1999, Logic)
- Studio 45 : I like the sounds (Dj Sneak Funked Booty Mix) (1999, Azuli)
- Studio 45 : I like the sounds (Dj Sneak Booty Shakin' Dub) (1999, Azuli)
- Dahlback & Krome : The real jazz (Sneak's remix) (1999, Dk Recordings)
- Triple X : Feel The Same (Dj Sneak Mix) (1999, Ministry of sound)
- Doc Martin : Set Me Free (Dj Sneak Remix) (1999, Shaboom)
- Dj Rap : Everyday girl (Sneak a bump mix) (1999, Sony)
- Dj Rap : Everyday girl (Sneaky Radio mix) (1999, Sony)
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- Shaboom : Bessie (Dj sneak's Dub) (1999, WEA)
- Gene Farris : The Spirit (Dj Sneak rebirth Mix) (2000, Farris Wheel)
- Mateo & Matos : Got a message (Dj Sneak's Messenger Mix) (2000, Glasgow
- Mateo & Matos : Got a message (Dj Sneak's Biggie Size Dub) (2000, Glasgow
- Dope Smugglaz : Married to the music (Sneak remix) (2000, Perfecto)
- Ann Nesby : Love is what you need (Sneak Mix) (2000, Perspective)
- Method Men : Disko Biscuit (Dj Sneak's Beefy Dub) (2000, Camouflage)
- House Proud People : Lonely Disco Dancer (Sneak's Boomin' Mix) (2000, Cross
- Suite 304 : Universal Flow (Dj Sneak Remix) (2001, APG)
- Pussy 2000 : It's gonna be alrigth (Dj Sneak Mix) (2001, INK)
- The Avalanches : Electricity (Sneak electrix mix) (2001, XL)
- Freaks : The washing machine (Sneak's supa clean mix) (2002, Music For Freaks)
- Ian Pooley & Magik J : Piha (Dj Sneak Remix) (2002, Honchos)
- Kinky : Soun Tha Mi Primer Amor (Dj Sneak Remix) (2002, London)
- Daft Punk : Harder Better Faster Stronger (Dj Sneak Mix) (2002, Virgin)

- Usher : Don't Have to Call (Dj Sneak Remixes) (2002, Hush)
- Watkins : Back A.M (Dj Sneak Dub) (2002, Direction)




Buggin' Da Beats (CD, 1997, Moonshine)
1. Vince Alley : The ride
2. Groove Box : Cassio's Theme
3. Johnny Fiasco : Sunrise
4. Manhattan People : Strong Enough
5. Kerri Chandler : It's You
6. Juice & Co : Stress Free
7. Tranquil Elephantizer : Zombie Dawn
8. Stephanie Cooke : Holding On To Your Love
9. The Republic : Earthshacker
10. Esential : Gimme Some Horns
11. Special Agent : Kindred Spirit
12. Roach Motel Present Stupid Dog : Trouble
13. Global communication : The Way (Secret Ingredient Mix)
14. Dark Ages : Talk
15. Dj Sneak : Special K
16. Crocco Castelli : Life Is Changing

Sneak's Juju Beats (CD, 2001, Magnetic)
1. Intro
2. Tony Senghore & DJ Jonene : Dem Bitz
3. Diesel #1 : Its Magic (Remix)
4. Cozy Creatures : Wanna Sing
5. Rick Garcia : Locomotion
6. Mochico : Mochico #1
7. Blue Muse vs. Studio Nova : Guerilla Tectics
8. Pound Boys : Spirits (PB Dub)
9. DJ Sneak : Wickedy Sound (5:35)
10. DJ Sneak : U Betta Know
11. Freaks : Discorobot
12. Onionz : Ser Seg
13. DJ Sneak : The Beatz
14. Diskonauts : Lifted Experience
15. Oneiro : Shhh!
16. Club Sesions : Don't Move