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Every house music lover has probably heard of Ian Pooley. His music can be found in the record boxes of many dj's. One of the reasons for this is that his tracks have many different styles. There are influences in his tracks from Detroit techno, to Brazilian rhythms and old Chicago house. This open minded approach to music has provided Ian with some succesful club hits such as 'Chord Memory', 'Quatro' and lat year's summer anthem 'Piha'. On his next album we can expect more of the brazilian and latin influences that also inspired him during the production of his excellent 'Since Then' album. The many different influences can be heard in his dj sets as well. You can expect a large number of styles in his sets and on his recent mix album in the Nite:Life series. On top of all this Ian is also busy setting up his own record label called 'Pooled Records'





Emperor/Daylight (12", 1991, Force Inc.)
A1 Emperor
B1 Daylight

SPACE CUBE (Ian Pooley & Thomas Gerlach)

Kool Killer EP Vol. 1 (12", 1991, Force Inc.)
A1 Kool Killer
A2 The Phaser
B1 Dolphins
B2 Life Is A Picknick

Space Cube EP (12", 1991, Force Inc.)
A1 Analogia (FreestyleSelection)
A2 Tunnel (Dark Mix)
B1 Message (All Over The World)
B2 Message (Dub Wise Mix)

Kool Killer EP Mixes (12", 1992, Edge Records)
A1 Mental Terror Mix
A2 Force Mass Motion Remix
B1 Live Is A Picknick Mix
B2 S.F. Acid Mix

Kool Killer Vol. 2 (12", 1992, Force Inc.)
A1 Destroy
A2 Mental Terror
B1 Feel Positive
B2 Sun Tana
B3 Stakkato

Machines And Motion (2X12", 1992, Force Inc.)
A1 Virtually
A2 Message (Remix)
B1 Nucler
B2 Disruptive
B3 Vox-Box
C1 Mature Mind
C2 Forbidden Planet
D1 Open New Area
D2 Pain

Sub Audible (12", 1992, TNI)
A1 Sub Audible (White Strings Mix)
A2 Moody Morning (Slow Motion Mix)
B1 Pure Tendency (Ritchie Hawtin Mix)

The Unreleased Project EP (12", 1992, Solid Pleasure Continental)
A1 The Element
A3 Procession
B1 Aphorism (Aphrorhythm Mix)
B2 Devely

Kool Killer Vol. 3 (12", 1993, Force Inc.)
A1 Time To Kill
A2 Time To Kill (Dramatic Thomastic Mix)
A3 Suddenly…!
B1 Dschungel Fieber
B2 Session

Inbound/Outbound (10", 1994, Riot Beats)
A1 Inbound
B1 Outbound

Dschungelfieber (Remixes) (12", 1994, Riot Beats)
A1 Alec Empire Remix
A2 Speedfreak Remix
B1 Space Cube Remix
B2 Original Mix

Unreleased Space Cube Tracks (12", 1998, Uplifting Records)
A1 Dies…
A2 It's Too Dark
B1 Sunshining
B2 Winter


The Times (2x 12", 1992, Force Inc.)
A1 The Times
A2 Plunk 'n Bang
A3 Cirrus
B1 Phoenix
B2 2.15
B3 Roots
C1 Maschinenwahn
C2 Plunk 'n Clang
C3 Nervous Breakdown
D1 Bounce Bit
D2 De La Trip
D3 Further

Twin Gods Vol. 2 (12", 1992, Force Inc.)
A1 untitled
A2 untitled
B1 untitled
B2 untitled

The Modulor (12", 1993, Communism)
A1 Noon
A2 Erasursehead
B1 Eve
B2 Bended Orbit
B3 Secret Admirer

Pulse Code (feat. Alec Empire) (12", 1994, Mille Plateaux)
A1 untitled
B1 untitled
B2 untitled

Roller Skate Disco (12", 1994, Definitive)
A1 Roller Skate Disco
A2 Never Give Up
B1 Sure!
B2 The Brickenkopf At 7am

Untitled (2X12", 1994, Definitive)
A1 Relations
A2 Feel It
B1 Sorority
B2 Puppets
C1 The Move
C2 Line-08
D1 Sbm
D2 Re-Linked

Twin Gods EP (10", 1994, Force Inc.)
A1 Untitled
B1 Untitled

Celtic Cross EP (12",1995, Force Inc.)
A1 Celtic Cross (Bangin' Bass Mix)
B1 My Anthem
B2 Celtic Cross (Motor City Dub)

Celtic Cross Remixes (12", 1995, Force Inc.)
A1 Hardbangin' Mix by DJ Sneak
A2 Subsonic 808 Mix
B1 Dan Curtin mix
B2 DJ Tonka mix

My Anthem - US Mixes (12", 1995, Force Inc.)
A1 Roy's Back 2 Tha Phuture Mix
B1 Plant Life Mix 1
B2 Plant Life Mix 2

Rollerskate Disco (12", 1995, Effective Records)
A1 Rollerskate Disco (Hanson & Nelson Remix)
B1 Rollerskate Disco

Today (12", 1995, Force Inc US)
A1 Today
B1 Second Revival
B2 Don't You Be Afraid

Chord Memory (12", 1996, Force Inc.)
A1 Chord Memory
B1 Distance
B2 Codes

Chord Memory (CD5", 1996, Force Inc.)
1. Original Mix
2. Mark Bell Mix 1
3. Mark Bell Mix 2
4. Daft Punk Mix
5. Richard Benson Mix

Elastic EP (12", 1996, A.F.U.)
A1 Untitled
A2 Untitled
B1 Untitled
B2 Untitled

Rock Da Discoteque (12", 1996, AV8)
A1 Ian Pooley Original
A2 Ian Pooley Distortion Mix
B1 Daft Punk Mix

What's Your Number (12", 1996, Force Inc)
A1 What's Your Number
B1 Welcome To The Tunnel

Two Space Cowboys On A Trip To Texas (feat. The Jaguar) (12", 1996, Force Inc.)
A1 Original
B1 Mix

Two Space Cowboys On A Bad Trip (feat. The Jaguar) (12", 1996, Force Inc.)
A1 untitled
B1 untitled
B2 untitled

Calypso EP (12", 1997, NRK)
A1 Calypso Theme
A2 Gimmie Sound (Original Mix)
B1 Gimmie Sound
B2 Gimmie Beats

Gimmie Sound - The Remixes (1997, NRK)
A1 Beloved Throwback Mix
B1 Dave Angel Rework
B2 Original Mix

Higgledy Piggledy (12", 1997, Force Inc.)
A1 Higgledy Piggledy
B1 Mutual Extend
B2 All Nite

Enlite Juice (12", 1998, Strive)
A1 Lite Juice (New Music Movement Remix)
A2 Enlite (Unreleased Dub)
B1 Lite Juice (DK Remix)
B2 Lite Juice (Original Mix)

Followed (12", 1998, V2)
A1 Followed (12" mix)
B1 Before Long

Loopduelle (12", 1998, Force Inc.)
A1 Original Mix
B1 Cocoloco Mix

Loopduelle (Remixes) (12", 1998, Force Inc.)
A1 Funk D'Void "On Guard" Mix
B1 Alan Braxe Mix

Meridian (CD, 1998, V2)
1. Intro
2. What's Your Number
3. Long Johns
4. Followed
5. Hit And Run
6. Disco Love
7. Dawn
8. Cold Wait
9. Flatlet
10. Floor Face Down
11. Relief Action
12. Ganz Gag

The Allnighter EP (12", 1998, NRK)
A1 The Allnighter (Fierce Mix)
A2 The Allnighter (Original Mix)
B1 In The Bins

The Allnighter Remixes (12", 1998, NRK)
A1 Slam Counterplan Mix
B1 Junior 'O' Relentess Mix
B2 Dub Mix by Slam

What's Your Number (12", 1998, V2)
A1 Paradise Mixx by Bob Sinclar
A2 Original Mix
B1 Jazzanova Renumber
B2 SWAG FM mix by Swaq

Cold Wait (12", 1999, V2)
A1 E-Dancer Deep Soul Mix
B1 Attaboy Remix
B2 Original Mix

900 Degrees Vol. 1 (12", 2000, V2)
A1 Pooleys New Mix
B1 Pete Heller Main Mix

Balmes (A Better Life) (2x12", 2000, V2)
A1 Pooley's New Vocal Mix
B1 Never Coming Home Remix - Instrumental
B2 Original Album Version
C1 Never Coming Home Remix - Vocal)
D1 JC's Remix

Coracao Tambor (ft. Rosanna & Zelia) (12", 2000, V2)
A1 Coracao Tambor

Coracao Tambor (ft. Rosanna & Zelia) (12", 2000, V2)
A1 Swag's Disco Ritmo Dub
B1 Original Mix
C1 Needs remix
D1 Balmes

Coracao Tambor (CD5", 2000, V2)
1. Radio Edit
2. Swag's Disco Ritmo Dub Mix
3. Needs Remix
4. Original Mix

Since Then (2x12", 2000, V2)
A1 Since Then
A2 Bay Of Plenty
A3 Venasque
B1 Coracao Tambor
B2 Balmes
C1 Visions (ft. Kristy Hawkshaw)
C2 Spicy Snapper
D1 900 Degrees
D2 Sundowner

Since Then (CD, 2000, V2)
1. Coracao Tambor (Intro)
2. Venasque
3. Since Then
4. Bay Of Plenty
5. Coracao Tambor (feat. Rosanna & Zelia)
6. Balmes
7. Visions (feat. Kristy Hawkshaw)
8. Menino Brincadeira (feat. Rosanna & Zelia)
9. 900 Degrees
10. Sundowner
11. Cloud Patterns

Balmes (CD5", 2001, V2)
1. Balmes (single edit)
2. Balmes (never coming home vocal remix)
3. Original Album Version

Missing You (12", 2002, NRK)
A1 Pooley's Flashback Mix
B1 Pooley's Mirrorball Dub

Piha (disc 1) (feat. Magik J) (12", 2002, Honchos Music)
A1 Original Mix
B1 Pooley's Back Home Mix
B2 Beats

Piha (disc 2) (feat. Magik J) (12", 2002, Honchos Music)
A1 DJ Sneak Remix
B1 Jamie Anderson Remix

Piha (feat. Magik J) (CD5", 2002, Honchos Music)
1. Original Mix
2. DJ Sneak Remix

Ready To Flow (12", 2002, NRK)
A1 Stab Mix
B1 Aquatic Mix
B2 Quatro

Traffic (12", 2002, Cube Recordings)
A1 Traffic
B1 Traffic (Dub)

The Fly Shuffle (12", 2002, NRK)
A1 The Fly Shuffle
B1 Beat That Brat

The IP Series (CD, 2002, NRK)
1. Missing You (Pooley's Flashback Mix)
2. The Fly Shuffle
3. Ready To Flow (Stab Mix)
4. Beat that brat
5. Quatro
6. Missing You (Pooley's Mirrorball Dub)
7. The Fly Shuffle (Dub)

Untitled (12", 2002, Cube Recordings)
A1 Niteflite
B1 Mongobeatdown

T'N'I (Ian Pooley & DJ Tonka)

Low Mass EP (12", 1991, Force Inc.)
A1 Anecdote (Deep Kick Mix)
A2 Anecdote (Techno Mix)
A3 Sub Audible (White Strings Mix)
B1 Pure Tendecy (Pure 10 Dance-Remix)
B2 Moody Morning (Slow Motion Mix)

Trip Men (Feat. Alec Empire) (12", 1991, Force Inc.)
A1. Mellow Mix
A2. Vocal Mix
B1. Factory Mix

Beam EP (12", 1992, Intense Recordings)
A1 Disco Dreams
B1 Bold Back Beams
B2 Is It a Beam

Do You Still Care (CD, 1992, Polydor)
1. Club Mix Edit
2. Garage Mix
3. Club Mix

Depart EP (12", 1993 , Intense Recordings)
A1 On 'n' On - Springtime
B1 Check In Vibes - Don't Give Up!!!
B2 No Matter What They Say

I want to be free (12", 1993, Intense Recordings)
A1 Original Mix
A2 Dub Mix
B1 Force Mass Motion Remix
B2 Force Mass Motion Edit

T'N'I (10", 1994, Force Inc.)
A1. Be Straight
B1. Mad Situation


Noon (12", 1993, Communism)
A1. Noon
A2. Erasurehead
B1. Eve
B2. Bended Orbit
B3. Secret Admirer


Cracked EP (12", 1994, Open Toe Records)
1. Changed
2. Osocurioso
3. Shake The Brain
4. Joy
5. Ardens Bud Phase
6. Cracked
7. Wake The Brain
8. Open

Feet (12", 1994, Open Toe Records)
A1 Night Slam Mix By Slam
B1 Feet

Feet (CD5", 1994, Open Toe Records)
1. Radio Version
2. Radio Edit
3. Original Version
4. Dust Brothers Beatapella
5. Day Slam
6. Diana Dub

Feet (12', 1994, Open Toe Records)
A1 Night Slam
B1 Lone Wolf
B2 Day Slam

Feet (12", 1994, Ffrr)
A1 Dust Brothers Mix
A2 Night Slam VI
B1 Wrong Side Of Town Mix
B2 Fungus Mix

Rite To Silence (CD, 1994, Ffrr)
1. Profound Gas
2. Feet
3. Nothing
4. No Movement
5. Change
6. Ardens Bud
7. We Wanna Live
8. We Don't Wanna Be The Ones To take The Blame
9. Lovewood
10. Here Comes The Sign
11. Feet (Dust Brothers Mix)
12. Feet (Wrong Side Of Town)


Roll With It/1:20 A.M. Nothing on TV (12", 1996, Position Chrome)
A1. Roll With It
B1. 1:20 A.M. Nothing on TV


Enlite EP (12", 1996, After Midnight)
A1 Enlite
A2 The Happy Shades
B1 Lite Juice (New Music Movement Remix)
B2 Lite Juice


Valle Valle (12", 1998, Odori)
A1 Valle Valle
B1 Reachin'


Viewing A Decade (12", 2001, Transmat)
A1 November
A2 Being Quiet
B1 Coming Full Circle
B2 The Scenic Route


Ice Fractions 1 (12", 1996, Plus 8)
A1 Ice Fractions 1 - 1
B1 Ice Fractions 1 - 2
B2 Ice Fractions 2 - 1

Ice Fractions 2 (12", 1996, Plus 8)
A1 Ice Fractions 1 - 3
B1 Ice Fractions 2 - 3
B2 Ice Fractions 2 - 4




Bionaut - Everybody's Kissing Everyone (T'N'I' Remix) <1993, Intense Recordings>
Dream Team EP - Your Dreams (T'N'I Remix) <1993, Intense Recordings>
Ilsa Gold - Silke (Space Cube Mix) <19
93, Force Inc.>
N.R.G. - I need your lovin' (Space Cube Mix) <1993, Big Beat>
CZ 101 - Consequent (Ian Pooley RMX) < 1995, 23 Frankfurt >
Nathalie De Borah - Heart But House (Ian Pooley's Mix) <1995, Force Inc. US>
Wicked Wipe - Rok Da House (Ian Pooley Remix) <1995 , Virtual Recordings>
Atom Heart - Apart (Ian's Far Apart Mix) <1996, Recent Programmings>
Atom Heart - Apart (Ian's Far Apart Mix) <1996, Recent Programmings>
Carl Cox - Tribal Jedi (Ian Pooley Mix) <1996, Worldwide Ultimatum Records>
Deee-Lite - Power of Love (Ian Pooley Remix) <1996, Elektra>
Electric Cargo - Sonic Ride (Ian Pooley Remix) <1996, Phuture Wax>
Freshmess On Wax - Manuptaurus (Ian Pooley remix) <1996, Fierce!>
Gene Farris - Disco Heaven (Ian Pooley's Mix 1) <1996, Force Inc.>
Gene Farris - Disco Heaven (Ian Pooley's Mix 2) <1996, Force Inc.>
Ken Ishii - Stretch (Ian Pooley Remix) <1996, R&S>
Les Baxter - Pyramid of the Sun (Ian Pooley remix) <1996, EMI>
X-Press 2 - Tranz Euro Express (Ian Pooley Remix) <1996, Juinior Boy's Own>
Beanfield - Electro-Kraut (Ian Pooley's Moody Mix) <1997, Compost Records>
Daft Punk - Burnin'(Ian Pooley 'Cut Up Mix') <1997, Virgin/Daft Trax>
Dave Angel - This is Disco (Ian Pooley's Hyperdisco Remix) <1997, 4th & Broadway>
Elektro Star - Mr. Boody (Ian Pooley Remix) <1997, WEA>
Eric Gadd - The Right Way (Ian Pooley's Deep Way Mix) <1997, Hevi Floe>
Green Velvet - Land of the Lost (Ian Pooley's Infected Mix) <1997, Music Man>
Marco Repetto - Fibrill 2 (Ian Pooley Remix) <1997, Streetbeat Records>
Smokin Beats - Dreams (Ian's Fierce EQ Mix) <1997, AM:PM>
The Beloved - The Sun Rising (Rising Mix) <1997, EastWest Records UK>
The Cardigans - Your New Cuckoo (Hyper Disco Mix) <1997, Stockholm Records>
The Cardigans - Your New Cuckoo (Super Stereo Mix) <1997, Stockholm Records>
Zimt - U.O.A.A. Shake It! (Ian Pooley Remix) <1997, Ladomat>
7th Gate - Route 4 (Ian Pooley's Fierce Mix) <1998, Rotation>
Bob Sinclar - The Ghetto (Pooley's Paradiasque Mix) <1998, Yellow Productions>
Eddie Amador - House Music (Ian Pooley's Free Spirit Mix) <1998, Urban>
Funk D'Void - Herbie On Rhodes (Sounds Like a Pooley Mix) <1998, Soma>
Funk D'Void - Herbie On Rhodes (That's a short Mix) <1998, Soma>
Laidback Luke - Music's Always on my Mind (Ian Pooley remix) <Touché/Subspace>
Soul Vision feat. D'Layna - You've been on my mind (Ian Pooley's Main Mix) <1998, Fluential>
Soul Vision feat. D'Layna - You've been on my mind (Ian Pooley's Dub) <1998, Fluential>
Susuma Yokota - Blood of the Angel (Ian Pooley Mix) <1998, Sublime Records>
Sven Vath - Face It (Ian Pooley's Moody Mix) <1998, Virgin Schallplatten GmbH >
Sven Vath - Face It (Ian Pooley's Phase It Mix) <1998, Virgin Schallplatten GmbH>
Twilight - I want your love (Pooley's Main Mix) <1998, Narcotic>
Twilight - I want your love (Pooley's Main Mix) <1998, Narcotic>
Vincenzo - King's Last Ride (Ian Pooley's Mix) <1998, Dessous Recordings>
Chaser - Tall Stories (Pooley's "Lars From Mars Mix") <1999, Soma>
Chaser - Tall Stories (Pooley's Deep Mix) <1999, Soma>
Cowboy Bebop - Fantasy Sign (Ian Pooley Remix) <1999, Vicotr Entertainment>
DJ Hell - Copa (Pooley's Groovey Mix) <1999 , Disko B>
Inner City - Good Life (Ian Pooley's It's An Honour Mix) <1999, Pias Recordings>
Inner City - Good Life (Ian Pooley's La Buena Vida En Notas Mix) <1999, Pias Recordings>
Love Inc. - R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Ian Pooley Remix) <1999, Force Inc.>
Marschmellows - Emma (Pooley's Babbe-Die!) <1999, INFRACom!>
Marschmellows - Emma (Pooley's Main Mix) <1999, INFRACom!>
Mevrouw Spoelstra - Bullits (Ian Pooley's Fierce Dub) <1999, Airtight>
Phunky Data - Fashion (Ian Pooley's Stylish Mix) <1999, Sekence>
Street Corner Symphony - Symphonic Tonic (Ian Pooley Remix) <1999, Hotwheel Records>
Telex - Dance to the Music (Ian Pooley's Main Mix) <1999, SSR>
Wackside - I'll get over you (Ian Pooley remix) <1999, Polydor>
A-ha - Minor Earth / Major Sky (Ian Pooley's Deep remix) <2000, WEA>
Plastic Avengers - The Blend/Chunkus (Ian Pooley's "2 in 1" Mix) <2000, NRK Sound Division>
East West Connection - Once I've Been There (Ian Pooley Vocal Mix) <2001, Brickhouse Records>
Hatiras feat. Slarta John - Spaced Invader (Ian Pooley Club Mix) <2001, Kontor Records>
Hatiras feat. Slarta John - Spaced Invader (Pooley's Extra Deep Dub) <2001, Kontor Records>
Jovonn - Back To House (Ian's Main Mix) <2001, Underground Solutions>
Jovonn - Back To House (Ian's New Dub) <2001, Underground Solutions>
Llorca with Ladybird - My Precious Thing (Ian Pooley's Deep Dub) <2001, F Communications>
Llorca with Ladybird - My Precious Thing (Ian Pooley's Vocal Mix) <2001, F Communications>
Mateo & Matos - Body 'N' Soul (Pooley's Buddy Mix) <2001, Glasgow Underground>
Mateo & Matos - Body 'N' Soul (Pooley's Soul Mix) <2001, Glasgow Underground>
Mina - Desktop (Ian Pooley Main Mix) <2001, Bungalow>
Mina - Desktop (Ian Pooley Tweekin Dub Mix) <2001, Bungalow>
Modjo - What I Mean (Ian Pooley Na Praia Mix) <2001, Sound of Barclay>
Afro Angel - Join Me Brother (Ian Pooley Dub) <2002, Tommy Boy Silver Label>
Afro Angel - Join Me Brother (Ian Pooley Main Mix) <2002, Tommy Boy Silver Label>
Crazy Penis - You Are We (Pooley's Main Mix) <2002, Paper Recordings>
Crazy Penis - You Are We (Pooley's We Won't Give up Dub) <2002, Paper Recordings>
Fertile Ground - Let the wind blow (Ian Pooley's Main Mix) <2002 , Flamingo Discos>
Fertile Ground - Let the wind blow (Ian's Bonus Beats) <2002 , Flamingo Discos>
Jon Cutler feat. E-Man - It's Yours (Ian Pooley's "that's mine" mix) <2002, Brickhouse Records>
Jon Cutler feat. E-Man
- It's Yours (Ian Pooley's Bonus Dub) <2002, Brickhouse Records>




Nite:Life 06 Mixed By Ian Pooley (CD, NRK, 2001)
1. Ian O'Brien - Eden
2. Metro Area - Caught Up
3. Freestyle Man - The S Track
4. ? - Brother (Original Vibe)
5. Rivera Rotation - Latinica Witch (Vincenzo's Satin Soul Mix)
6. Yann Fontaine - Open Your Eyes (New Phunk Theory's Litte Green Dub)
7. Benjamin Hart - Perfect Love Song
8. Doug Willis - Begun 2 Love U
9. Mood II Swing - Call Me (Moody Dub)
10. Wanted ft. Spellband - Da Vegas
11. Venet Joki - Cheap Heat
12. Sebastien Leger - Perplexity Personality
13. Blaze - My Beat (Derrick Carter's Disco Circus Mix)
14. Nicholas - Silvering
15. Ernest Saint Laurent - Clumsey Lobster
16. Ian Pooley - 900 Degrees (Cosmos Deep Dub)
17. Technasia - Evergreen I
18. DJ Jes - I've Fallen In Love
19. Vicenzo -The Way Of Thinking
20. Quiet Daze - The Scenic Route

Excursions (CD, 2003, Obsessive)
1. Braxton Holmes - 12 Inches Of Pleasure
2. Frankie Kunckles Presents Satoshi Tomii - Tears (Classic Vocal)
3. Janet Rushmore - Joy (Kerri Chandler Mix)
4. Ron Trent & Chez Damier - 54
5. Cloud 9 - Do You Want Me
6. Ian Pooley - Feel It
7. Desiya - Coming On Strong
8. The 2nd Symphnium - Lost
9. R-theme - R-theme
10. Maurizio - Domina (Carl Craig Mix)
11.Tone Theory - Limbo Of Vanished Possibilities
12. Brain Transeau - Ralativity (Carl Craig's Urban Affair Dub)
13. Bernard Badi - Love Explosion
14. Johnny D & Nicky P Present Promonade - Twiced Love
15. Paradox - Jail Break
16. Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino
17. Many Smith - I Just Can't Wait
18. Johnny D & Nicky P. Present Promonade - Miss Took