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Junior Sanchez is the main member of the crew. He started it together with Armand van Helden and has since then spend the most time on the project. Junior met Armand back in 1992 when Junior was still working for the Rufftrax label. Before he released his first record in 1996 he was already known in the New York club scene for his dj gigs. But his big break as a producer came with the club hit 'B With U' wich he recorded with vocalist Dajae. In the past he has collaborated with many other members of Da Mongoloids crew such as: Rhythm Masters, Laidback Luke, Roger Sanchez and DJ Sneak. But he mainly worked together with Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero under the 'Nitebreed' pseudonym. For the past years his main priority has been running his own label called Cube Recordings. While he used to produced more club-house, lately his style has moved to techno and electro. In 1997 he did a dj tour together with DJ Sneak and Roger Sanchez under the name S-Men. Today he's still djing around the world and he has a residency at the Centro-Fly club in New York. He also released a few mix albums, the latest one was released last year. On this album called 'Dirty Dirty House' he shows that techno and electro are the style of his dj sets at the moment as well.




Da Bionic Trax (12", 1996, Strictly Rhythm)
A1 Secret Life
B1 Who Represents?
B2 Adhesive Reactions

Da Shape Of Da 80's (12", 1998, Narcotic)
A1 Tune Ya Head
B1 Rock Bottom

Old Tracky Bastard (12", 1999, Armed Records)
A1 Metropolis
B1 Radio Electron

B With U (ft. Dajae) (12", 1999, Mercury)
A1 Radio Edit
A2 Make Your Body Sweat Dub
B1 Rhythm Masters Sonic Club Mix

B With U (ft. Dajae) (12", 1999, 3345 Records)
A1 Laidback Luke Remix
B1 Junior's Main Mix
B2 Rhythm Masters Sonic Club Mix

2Morrows Future 2Day (2x12", 1999, R-Senal)
A1 Introlude
A2 Dream Myself Alive
B1 Be With U
C1 N.A.S.T.Y.
D1 Dead Ass Party Groove

Executes Cubizm 1.0 (12", 2000, Cube Recordings)
A1 P.O.P.
B1 Freaks Are out

B With U (12", 2000, Manifesto)
A1 Vocal Mix
B1 Rhythm Masters Sonic Club Mix

The Man-E-Facez EP (2x12", 2000, Yoshitoshi)
A1Gated Madness
B1 New Wave Order
C1 Da Method
D1 Manhattan Melody

That Girl Ain't Right (ft. Angie Johnson) (12", 2001, R-Senal)
A1 Junior's Main Mix
B1 Instrumental Mix

United (ft. Christian Smith) (12", 2001, Cube Recordings)
A1 United Groove
B1 Slave Beat

That Girl Ain't Right (ft. Angie Johnson) (12", 2001, Asquaredmuzik)
A1 Junior's Main Mix
B1 Instrumental Mix

The Controllers (ft. Steve Mac) (12", 2001, Dis-Funktional Recordings)
A1 Noize Generator
B1 Bitch On Ice


From Da East (12", 1996, Strictly Rhythm)
A1 East Coast Mix
B1 West Coast Mix

THE S-MEN (Junior Sanchez, Roger Sanchez & DJ Sneak)

Back (12", 1997, Narcotic)
A1 Roger's Ill Steelo Mix
A2 Junior's Deep Sleep On A Pillow Of Bass Mix
B1Sneak's Backward Miix
B2 Sneak's Phuture Dub

NEW AGE FUNKSTAS (Junior Sanchez & Rhythm Masters)

Da New Age Funksta's (12", 1999, Junior London)
A1 Da New Age Funk (DMX Dub)
B1 Da New Age Funk (Original Mix)

Da New Age Funksta's (12", 2000, Cube Recordings)
A1 Rock Your Body
B1 I'm Kummin

Rock Your Body (12", 2001, Superstar)
A1 Original Mix
B1 Awex Mix

TELETRONIK (Junior Sanchez & Christos H.)

Episode 1 (12", 2002, Cube Recordings)
A1 Synthesis
B1 Disko Is Dead

RIOT SOCIETY (Junior Sanchez, Laidback Luke & Chris Haliani)

Understand Me (12", 2002, Cube Recordings)
A1 Main Mix
B1 Output Remix




Underground Sound Of Lisbon - So Get Up (Junior's Factory Mix) <1994, Tribal America>
Underground Sound Of Lisbon - So Get Up (Factory Dub) <1994, Tribal America>
The Jahkey Breed Project - Turn It To Love (Nitebreed's Mongoloid Mix) <1996, Narcotic>
The Jahkey Breed Project - Turn It To Love (Nitebreed's Alien B-Boys On Tang Dub) <1996, Narcotic>
DJ Dove - Feel The Sun (Nitebreed Station Identification Mix) <1997, Narcotic>
DJ Dove - Feel The Sun (Nitebreed Dub) <1997, Narcotic>
Aaliyah - One In A Million (Nitebreed Mongolodic Mix) <1997, Atlantic>
Aaliyah - One In A Million (Nitebreed Mongolodic Dub) <1997, Atlantic>
Aaliyah - One In A Million (Nitebreed Bootleg Mix) <1997, Atlantic>
Jamie Myerson - Rescue Me (Nitebreed's Burnt Bubblegum Tree Dub) <1997, Columbia>
Jamie Myerson - Rescue Me (Nitebreed's Pancreas Pancake Mix) <1997, Columbia>
Smooth Touch - Trippin' (Nitebreed Remix) <1997, AM:PM>
Zhane - Request Line (Nitebreed's Got You Hold On Mix) <1997, Motown Records>
Locust - No-one In The World (Mack Mongoloid Mix) <1998, Apollo>
Locust - No-one In The World (Mongoloidian Killer Bees Mix) <1998, Apollo>
Wackside - Turtle Funk (Junior Sanchez Remix) <1998, Polydor>
Funk Junkeez - Got Funk? (Junior Sanchez Remix) <1998, Strictly Rhythm>
Jamiroquai - Deeper Underground (S-Man Meets Da Northface Killa Dub) <1998, Sony>
Daft Punk - Revolution 909 (Roger & Junior's Revolutionary War Mix <1998, Virgin>
Love And Rockets - R.I.P. 20C (Junior Sanchez Remix) <1999, Red Ant Records>
Les Rythmes Digitales - Sometimes (Junior Sanchez Mix) <1999, Wall Of Sound>
Superfunk - Lucky Star (Supafunkin' Vocal Dub) <2000, Fiat Lux>
Superfunk - Lucky star (Instrumental Dub) <2000, Fiat Lux>
DJ Dan - Put That Record Back On (Junior Sanchez Danceteria Mix) <2000, Honchos>
Giorgio Moroder - The Chase (Junior Sanchez Mix) <2000, BMG>
Emiliana Torrini - Unemployed In Summertime (Junior Sanchez Remix) <2000, One Little Indian>
Aphrohead - Crybaby (Junebug's Aphropuff Dub) <2000, Clashbackk Recordings>
Aphrohead - Crybaby (Junebug's Aphropuff Inst.) <2000, Clashbackk Recordings>
Aphrohead - Kazoo (Teletronik Mix) <2000, Clashbackk Recordings>
Ian Pooley - 900 Degrees (Junior Sanchez's New Wave Funk Mix) <2001, V2 Music>
Adrenaline - Damn That DJ Made My Day (Junior Sanchez Remix) <2001, Tommy Boy>
Felix Da Housecat - Kosmic Pop (Junior Kosmic Funk Remix) <2001, City Rockers>
Sebastien Leger - Seems So Far (Junior Sanchez Remix) <2001, BlackJack>
Skinny - Morning Light (Junior's Pink Mix) <2001, Cheeky Records>
Moby - South Side (Junior Sanchez Remix) <2002, white label>
New Order - Confusion (Outputs Nu-Rocktro Version) <2002, Whacked Recrods>
Felix Da Housecat - Control Freaq (Junior Sanchez Remix) <2002, City Rockers>




No Problem (ft. Sebastien Leger) on Atomic Pop (2x12", 2000, Blackjack)
Control Freaq (ft. Felix Da Housecat) on Kittenz And Thee Glitz (CD, 2002, City Rockers)
Control Freaq (ft. Felix Da Housecat) (No Ears Re-Edit) on City Rockers 7 Inch (7", 2002, City Rockers)




Vocals on Hardhead - Demon Dreams (12", 1995, Strictly Rhythm)
Vocals on Armand Van Helden - Hybridz (2LP, CD, 2000, Armed Records)




Zenith Ibiza Life 1999 Mixed By George Morel & Junior Sanchez (2xCD, 1999, EMI)
1. Clear View feat. Tamika - You Let Me Standing
2. Kathy Brown - Joy (David Morales Remix)
3. Carlos Fusari - This is How we Do It
4. DJ Sneak - Brothers Gonna Work
5. Paul Jacobs - Soul Grabber Part 4
6. José Nunez Feat. Octahvia - Hold On
7. Joystick - Keep On Grooving
8. Angel Moraes - The Funk Train